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Welcome!  Welcome!

   Welcome to the Cookerly Crew!  We have had a wonderful, awesome, totally terrific, first week of school! It’s a fantastic group of kids!

   We have spent much of this week getting to know our new environment.  We love our new friends!  Activities this week have included designing posters, examining character traits, and creating chalkboard people.

   . We are spending time orienting ourselves to our new textbooks and routine.


The Cookerly Crew News”

   Our newsletter is published weekly  (most of the time) online.  It will be on the Cookerly Crew website and is “chockfull” of news about our classroom!  Please take time to read through our news. Any  items that need to be returned will be included in each week’s Friday Folder. Thanks!



   If you would like to volunteer in our classroom (chaperoning, parties, in-class activities), please be sure to stop in the office and sign up on the computer to do so.  All volunteers must go through a screening prior to helping in the classroom (school district rules).  If you have signed up in previous years you still need to go through the process.


Study Buddies

  In your Friday Folder is our Study Buddy list.  Please hang onto this as it is a real lifesaver when your child misplaces his spelling list or forgets his math assignment.


Weekly Focus Sheets

   Please check your Friday Folder for the Weekly Focus Sheet. This will be sent home weekly  (and is available online at my website)and will contain the following weeks spelling words (yes, we start spelling next week :) and vocabulary as well the comprehension skill and grammar skills we will be working on.  This is to help you to have an idea of what the kids will be doing in class as well as having access to our spelling and vocab.

 Go Math Strategies Book

   Homework folders contain a "Go Math! Strategies Book." This is for reference only as we are spending the first few weeks reviewing second grade material. Use it as a reference when your child brings home math homework or is reviewing for a test.